Bulletin #4 – 0.

EDITORIAL: EDiR as part of every resident’s training. Your source of knowledge

Since 2011, over 3,000 candidates have taken the EDiR, most of them newly qualified radiologists or in their last year of training. In the last two years, the EDiR has received a growing number of applications, averaging around 800 candidates per year which has consolidated the status of the examination as a benchmark of European medical specialty diplomas.

Taking the EDiR is not mandatory, and candidates who sit the examination are in most cases moved by a desire to prove their knowledge and proficiency in general radiology before they take a further step in their career by subspecialising.

The professionals involved in organising and setting up the EDiR realised that sitting the examination was just one milestone on a path that had started for most of the candidates some years before, when they first began to train as radiologists, in their first year of training.

Studying every day, expanding your knowledge of radiology and learning to love this medical specialty is at the end of the day what drives you to want to test yourself, to take the EDiR and to become a reliable and good radiologist.

For this reason, one of the EBR’s most important commitments is to provide high-quality educational resources for prospective EDiR candidates, ensuring that they have access to different, varied and useful sources of knowledge, thus helping them to become the radiologists they want to be.

Our aim is for residents to have different EDiR materials they can use for their daily study and preparation, from the EDiR mobile app to the newly launched book EDiR – The Essential Guide. Taking the examination and succeeding in it will be the final step on this journey for the candidates and a satisfaction for the EBR, confirming that we have succeeded in our job.

We invite you to read the following updates on the different activities of the EBR. We hope you find them very interesting!