About ETAP

How to apply for an ETAP assessment

General information:

  • The assessment is voluntary and does not constitute a regulatory process
  • The centres are assessed against the ESR European Training Curriculum
  • The ETAP certification is an added value
  • The applicant institution will have a dedicated user area at the ETAP 2.0 application platform enabling a quick and easy process for both the applicant and the assessors
  • It is conducted by a lead assessor and a co-assessor from the ETAP Scientific Committee (which is formed by EBR andUEMS radiology experts)
  • A third junior assessor from the ESR Radiology Trainees Forum Subcommittee (RTF) or the European Junior Doctors (on an alternate basis) provide the perspective of a trainee or junior doctor
  • Once all required documents and audiovisual material (more information on the ETAP Terms and Conditions) have been provided by the institution, online interviews will be fixed upon proposal on dates and time slots by the institution
  • The following areas will be evaluated:
    •         the structure and management of the training programme
    •         the delivery of training and education
    •         the radiology facilities and resources
    •         the outcomes

Information and application:

In order to apply, please read carefully the ETAP Terms & Conditions and complete the ETAP application form that you can find at the ETAP application platform



Eligibility criteria

Your institution:

  • is in one of the ESR institutional member countries or ESR associate member countries
  • offers full post-graduate radiology residency training, i.e. full training in all aspects of radiology. The training can be performed in the main centre and also associated centres
  • should have at least 2 residents per year
  • Minimum 4 years of training


The scale of fees for the application of an ETAP 2.0 certification is:

  • 950. -€ for Institutions from ESR Institutional member societies countries
  • 1,500. -€ for ESR Associate Institutional member societies countries

Terms and Conditions

Please read the ETAP Terms and Conditions carefully before applying. Note that the annexes attached to the document are just for information purposes. The formal application process must be done through the ETAP application platform.

Once the application form has been fulfilled and sent by the Applicant, the ETAP Scientific Committee will review and ratify the application. Afterwards, the Applicant will receive an user and password to access the documents to be fulfilled/ uploaded for the certification of their training institution.