About EBR

The European Board of Radiology (EBR)


The EBR is an organisation dedicated to the investigation, development and implementation of certification and accreditation activities and programmes, including examinations and other instruments of qualification certification for general and sub-specialised physicians, programme evaluation and accreditation of continuing medical education activities, accreditation of training institutions and similar organisations, as well as monitoring and harmonising qualification and training standards in the field of radiology, imaging diagnosis, and other medical specialties in Europe.



  • To serve the interests of patients, medical professionals and healthcare institutions by ensuring a single European standard of radiological training and education.
  • To certify that diploma holders have the knowledge and skills required to meet this European standard of radiological education.
  • To encourage continuous education and revision within the discipline of radiology throughout Europe.
  • To introduce greater harmony and standardisation into the diverse field of European qualifications and educational requirements.