About ETAP

European Training Assessment Programme (ETAP)


Quality Assessment of your Radiology Training Programme:

The ETAP 2.0 is a Quality Assessment for radiology training programmes in line with the ESR European Training Curriculum (ESR ETC) to promote the standardisation and harmonisation of radiology education in Europe and beyond, without differentiation.

The ETAP platform enables to perform the certification process exclusively online, quickly and easily.  

ETAP is a joint initiative of the EBR and the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) Section of Radiology.


BENEFITS of being ETAP certified

It is the perfect management tool to identify the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of your Radiology Training programme.

Heads of Department, wishing to compare the quality of the training and assess the suitability of the training programme with the ESR European Training Curriculum (ETC).

The ETAP certification allows to check the level of competence, attitude and development of new skills that trainees acquire during the training period.



  • ETAP provides your training department with an objective assessment
  • ETAP accredits that your training programme is line with the ESR European Training Curriculum
  • ETAP assessment and final report can be a useful tool in order to set a reference before your medical authorities to achieve the standards in radiology education in Europe
  • ETAP adds European and international recognition to your training department
  • ETAP serves as an indicator and benchmark of your training department among residents
  • ETAP allows to make an equipment and resources inventory, for the careful control on the resources of the training department and for future audits



Assessment 100% online through the ETAP 2.0 platform in 10 weeks:

  1. Extended questionnaire to be completed
  2. Questionnaire to be completed by the residents anonymously
  3. Video of the facilities and equipment
  4. Interviews online between staff and assessors
  5. A group of experts will perform the assessment of your training programme and provide you with a detailed report on your training programme and a SWOT analysis
  6. A short and long-term follow-up are finally performed to evaluate the impact of the assessment


The ETAP 2.0 is a Quality Assessment for radiology training programmes. ETAP certifies that the assessed training programmes have training standards according to the principles established in the ESR ETC (European Training Curriculum) and cover all aspects of education with all modalities of imaging.

One unique Certificate is granted to the centres successfully evaluated.