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EDiR examination in Islamabad

  April 19, 2020

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EBR Latest Announcements

EDiR – The Essential Guide is a one-stop resource for all potential EDiR candidates wanting to gain a better understanding of the examination. The book is due to be released this coming September, however, candidates wanting to get a head start can pre-order it online from Springer

Breaking news! We have beefed up our educational resources section with three new self-assessment topics: Musculoskeletal, Neuroradiology and Chest. You can purchase them here!

Upcoming EDiR examinations in 2019
September 16, Vienna
October 24, Vienna
October 25, Paris and Vienna

Online applications will open on May 1st.

The EDiR is also coming to Sweden this year!

The examination will be held in Jönköping on September 16 during the Swedish National Radiology Conference. Application is open to all Swedish radiologists in their last year of training (ST-läkare) or specialists in radiology. Please note that ALL applications must be made directly on the Röntgenveckan website.