Important announcement

new EDiR micro courses

New EDiR Preparatory Micro Courses: The EBR presents a series of 30-minute EDiR preparatory courses about the nine subspecialties included in the CORE section of the EDiR. Since they will be aimed at radiologists wishing to take and successfully pass the EDiR examination, the content of these microlearning units will be exclusively based on Level I and II of the ESR European Training Curriculum for Radiology.

New Self-Assessments: Cardiac Short Cases

A new tool to prepare for the EDiR: self-assessment short cases.
Purchase the FIRST #EDiR self-assessment featuring 7 Cardiovascular short cases here.
Attention: This self-assessment is excluded from other promotions.

Latest news

EDiR in New Delhi – Autumn 2022

EDiR in New Delhi on November 6

Apply before June 27 and attend the upcoming EDiR Simulation for free.

Online application open

EDiR Simulation – NEW DATE: September 1!

Are you planning to the EDiR?

Register for the new EDiR Simulation and Webinar session on September 1. It has been specially designed to give candidates a real EDiR exam experience with feedback from one of our EDiR examiners!

Apply online here

EDiR in Poland – Autumn 2022

EDiR in Warsaw on September 29

Online application open


EDiR in Ljubljana 2022

EDiR in Ljubljana on November 11.

Online application open


ACI news: turn an accreditation event to fully virtual

Good news to ACI providers: In case you need to turn  the accreditation of an event from on-site to fully virtual, your request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Programmes with changes in timings, sessions, speakers etc. will not be accepted.

Note: The new programme will have to be uploaded at least 7 weeks before the event dates.