EDiR Examination calendar

EDiR examination in Egypt

  April 04, 2020

EDiR Examination in Cairo will take place on April 4th, 2020 Online application open! Limited number of places.

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EDiR examination in Islamabad

  April 19, 2020

Apply now for the EDiR examination in Islamabad in 2020

EDiR in Barcelona – June 6, 2020

  June 06, 2020

Apply for this new EDiR examination session in Europe 2020. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – get your EDiR just in time for the summer!

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EBR Latest Announcements

Announcing the latest feature of the EDiR App: Structured Reports! This feature allows candidates to practice the EDiR’s CORE questions and better structure their information when dealing with clinical cases in their daily work. Read more about it here

NEW Cardiac and Head and Neck self-assessment tests are available! These allow candidates to receive detailed feedback about their answers in real time while completing the tests, which also work on the same platform as the actual exam. Check them out here.

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Next week we will announce a new session taking place in Barcelona in June.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – get your EDiR just in time for the summer!

Time’s up! The EDiR examination session in New Delhi on March 2020 is now fully booked. Thank you for choosing the EDiR, and see you all in New Delhi!

Seats for the EDiR examination in New Delhi are selling like hot cakes! Only 7 places left! Don’t miss out on this chance! Apply here!

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Update to the newest version and enjoy our NEW Structured Reports feature to prepare for the EDiR exam’s CORE cases!

EDiR examination calendar 2020:
Further examinations in 2020 in Turkey, Poland, France, Spain and Sweden will be announced soon.
Stay tuned!

Breaking news! The EDiR app has exciting new content.
The second structured report case has been published.
These cases are suitable to get prepared for the CORE.
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