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EDiR examination software

EDiR examination software

EDiR examination software

E-examination solution






EDiR Examination Software: Main features

Integrate all steps of your certification process

Secure environment to conduct online examinations

Large and simultaneous examinations

Uploading and marking of questions from anywhere and from any device

DICOM viewer integrated

Quick display of images

Examination not interrupted if Internet connection is lost

Only Google Chrome web browser required!

Question types available

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) : Only one answer is correct

Multiple Response Questions (MRQs) : Multiple answers may be correct

Annotated images: The labels on the image have to be matched with the correct answer

Free text questions: No answer options listed

Abnormality location: Recognition of the abnormality on the image provided


Clinically Oriented Reasoning Evaluation (CORE)

Your exam can be fully computer-based with the CORE part that features a DICOM viewer with several tools such as automatic and manual window levels for case analysis, which mimics the daily routine of a radiologist.


Control your certification process from the beginning to the end by having direct access to the back end to manage your questions, examinations and results

Custom your license

Type 1: Annual licence

Administrator rights are granted with access to all the features of the platform:

  • Upload, review and edit your questions
  • Create, configure and manage different types of assessments (sample and mock assessments, examinations)
  • Access to the real-time monitor during the exam

Access to the results and statistics of the questions

Type 2: Examination management service

The EBR office manages the entire process:

  • The licensee only has to provide the questions in Word or Power Point format
  • The EBR office uploads the material, sets up the exam and monitors the exam in real-time on the day of the event. They create candidate and examiner accounts
  • Finally, the EBR office provides the licensee with the final results

E-examination solution

  • Online e-examination solution to bring your diploma closer to candidates in an easy
    and effective way
  • Organisation of fully computer-based, online and simultaneous examinations from different hospitals and learning institutions. Both the venue and the technical equipment must meet the prerequisites set by the EBR.
  • No previous on-site preparation is required

An exam experience that provides candidates with the flexibility to take the exam near them.

For local organisers, it is the safest and most cost-efficient option. The EBR will remotely set up and monitor the exam process.

Organisation of exams from home with live proctoring

  • Live proctoring with your own proctors or with external and experienced proctors
  • Record the webcam and the computer screen of the candidate
  • Record a second perspective of the room using the camera of the candidate’s mobile phone
  • Record the sound
  • Communication with the proctor using a chat
  • Access to the complete recordings after the exam
  • GDPR compliant