Bulletin #4 – 2.


New contents for the EDiR app

A new feature has been added to the EDiR app that will help candidates practise with the Clinically Oriented Reasoning Evaluation (CORE) format.

This new feature contains cases with a similar structure than the CORE cases where users will be asked to complete a structured report.

As you are all aware, structured reporting is emerging as a key element for optimising the contribution of radiology to patient outcomes and ensuring the value of radiologists’ work (1).

The EDiR Scientific Committee believes that structured reports are a suitable tool to prepare for the CORE, as this part of the examination aims to reproduce the daily professional practice of the candidates.

The new feature of the EDiR app is very user-friendly:
Firstly, the user will be presented with some clinical information and a description of the technique(s) used.

  • Then, several imaging studies will be displayed in a DICOM viewer. After analysing the images, users will have to complete the first section of the report by describing the imaging findings.
  • Once completed, they will go on to make a differential diagnosis and finally confirm the most likely diagnosis.
  • After completing all the questions, the correct answers will be shown to the candidates.

We wish to underline the practical-orientated approach of this new feature, as not only does it give candidates a tool to practise the CORE questions but it also helps them to learn how to structure the information when facing a clinical case in their daily work.


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