Online e-Examination

We are very happy to announce that the EBR has created the following online e-Examination format solution to bring the EDiR diploma even closer to the candidates in an easy and effective way, while adhering to the same excellence and quality standards:

The EDiR examination will be carried out through dedicated e-Examinations in selected hospitals and learning institutions that meet the venue and technical prerequisites set by the EBR.

This is a new online e-Examination format solution:

  • It will provide candidates with more flexibility to sit the EDiR examination closer to home.
  • For local organisers, it is the safest and most cost-efficient option. The EBR will remotely set up and monitor the examination during the entire process.

With this new format solution, the EBR continues working towards the harmonisation of radiological standards and accreditation of radiologists across European borders through EDiR.