Bulletin #5 – 1.

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Since 2016, the number of candidates per year had been consolidated to around 800, establishing EDiR as a benchmark for medical specialities in Europe. For 2020, the EBR had initially set a goal of 900 candidates.

This new milestone of 900 candidates was based on the growing interest of national societies from Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America in the EDiR, and from a growing number of heads of training who considered the suitability of the EDiR as their certificate of completion of training. In fact, before the outbreak of the pandemic, applications for the EDiR were endorsing this goal. Over 350 candidates had already applied in 2019 and almost 200 applications had been received by February 15, 2020.

Now, having closed the application process period, we are proud and happy to announce that 881 candidates applied for the EDiR in 2020. Although the figures have been once again been a positive indicator of EDiR’s growing popularity, we would like to share with you some internal information, so that you better understand the significant challenges we have faced this year:

  • Although 8 exams were originally planned for 2020, the EBR was eventually able to conduct 19 exams in 23 different locations.
  • The EBR has allowed and managed 669 reassignments, out of these, 227 candidates chose to take the examination in 2021.

The EDiR examination has been adapting to the ever-changing circumstances, such as specific national and regional policies issued due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple local examinations with fewer candidates replaced larger EDiR examinations, such as the one that used to take place during the ECR. This new organisational strategy guaranteed access to the examination to those who were affected by travel restrictions.

A total of 19 EDiR examinations with an average of 28 candidates each were scheduled in 2020 (see figures below). By contrast, eight to ten EDiR exams with an average of 73 candidates each were conducted in 2019.

Examination Date Number of candidates
Ghent March 12 9
Florence and Malta* July 14 22
Warsaw (first day) July 17 76
Warsaw (second day) July 18 18
Cairo August 15 15
Barcelona September 5 29
Rome and Milan* September 7 25
Ljubjana, Malta, Örebro and Rijeka* September 14 27
Warsaw (morning shift) September 19 38
Warsaw (evening shift) September 19 38
Paris (first day) October 14 7
Paris (second day) October 15 6
Paris and Leuven* October 16 26
Islamabad and Hannover* November 8 55
New Delhi November 28 21
New Delhi November 29 32
Warsaw and Buenos Aires* December 3 30
New Delhi December 12 21
New Delhi December 13 35

*Simultaneous examinations