Recorded EDiR Preparatory Micro Courses: Train your CORE knowledge

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A series of 30-minute recorded EDiR preparatory courses about three subspecialties included in the CORE section: Chest, Breast and Emergency . Since they are aimed at radiologists wishing to take and successfully pass the EDiR examination, the content of these microlearning units is exclusively based on Level I and II of the ESR European Training Curriculum for Radiology.

Micro-course on Chest is presented by our former team leader on Chest Dr. Eva Castañer.

Micro-course on Breast is presented by our current team leader on Chest Dr. Renante Prevos and the current chairperson of the EDiR CORE Committee Prof. Van Ongeval.

Micro-course on Emergency is presented by our current team leader on Emergency Dr. Ana Blanco Barrio.


Each course includes a brief introduction of the fundamentals of the corresponding subspecialty and two CORE cases (CORE cases pose a major challenge to EDiR candidates).

Both cases are presented, analysed and solved between the attendees that participated in the micro course and the EDiR examiner. We hope you enjoy these courses:  


Chest micro course:


Breast micro course:


Emergency micro course: