EDiR Simulation – Introduction


What is the EDiR Simulation


The EBR is very happy to announce the launch of its new EDiR Simulation, a practice test session that offers the closest experience to a real EDiR exam session and consists of the following structure:

  • 25 MRQs
  • 8 Short Cases
  • 4 CORE cases

TOTAL: 1 h 30 min

The session will be followed by a webinar, offering you the following benefits:

  • CONSULT DIRECTLY with one of our EDiR examiners
  • RESOLVE ANY DOUBTS regarding the exam

RECEIVE DETAILED AND PERSONALISED FEEDBACK on your performance (as in the examination!)

€120 per place


In order to participate in the EDiR Simulation, it is required to have the Google Chrome web browser installed and a recommended Internet connection of 8 mbps of download. Is recommended to use Ethernet connection instead of WiFi.