The examination tests knowledge, skills and competence in general radiology in three components:

  • Multiple response questions (MRQs): Computer-based examination (90 minutes).
  • Short cases (SCs): Computer-based examination (90 minutes).
  • Clinically Oriented Reasoning Evaluation (CORE): Practical-oriented cases, computer-based examination (90 minutes).

Message from the EDiR Scientific Director 04/16

In order to meet the increasing demand for the diploma–over 1,000 candidates by the end of 2015–new approaches to the oral part of the examination became necessary. In April 2015, the EDiR Scientific Board presented various alternatives and the creation of a computer-based examination platform was approved. The first pilot trial of this state-of-the-art approach was successfully carried out at ECR 2016.

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  • Upcoming EDiR examinations:

    Upcoming EDiR exams in Barcelona, October 2 and 3

    Limited number of places. 

    Last ones available for 2017!

    Application open on July 14