Welcome to the ACI (Accreditation Council in Imaging), your one-step guide to CME accreditation. With our partners the UEMS and the EACCME, we are responsible for the accreditation of radiological and imaging educational live events (LEE) and e-learning materials (ELM).

Please download and read the ACI Terms and Conditions carefully before applying. Note that the annexes attached to the document are just for your information. Before beginning with the formal application process, the applicant must complete the pre-order form below.

Follow the steps below to complete your application:

  • Read the ACI Terms and Conditions
  • Read the document ELM Pre-Paid applications
  • Please fill out the document ELM Order form Application Pre-paid applications and send it to
  • The ACI office will send you the ELM application form to be filled out and sent back to